Zoll D


Sideboard, bookcase, or filing cabinet. No tools or screws required. Zoll D is lightweight and yet extremely stable. The rounded front of the shelf boards take the form of grooves into which boxes can be placed to face in four different directions.

These boxes also support the next shelf. This unique design makes the system accessible from all sides, making it ideal as a room divider. The height of the feet is adjustable, the boxes come in two different sizes. Magazine holders and displays are also available. Zoll D is made of powder coated steel. Light Grey, Anthracite and Orange, Light Grey, Anthracite boxes.

H: variable

Width: 140.0 | 180.0 | 220.0 cm 

Depth: 33.0 cm 

Compartment heights: 22.0 | 33.0 cm

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