Musikstapler is a pivotable rack for CDs. With purchases kept on a minimum, a maximum amount of CDs is stored in a space-saving way and can be clearly arranged (Ca. 60 CDs per level). The rack is stuck together, is rotatable, stands freely and, if necessary, can be built higher and higher. Therefore, it is possible to assemble Musikstapler at coffee-table height (two levels), up to Musikstapler -tower height (ten levels). Musikstapler is stabilized with a simple, but clever technique:. a string connects the base and the top of the shelf. The tension, produced from twisting the string, holds the shelf tightly together. Musikstapler becomes nearly invisible when completely filled, leaving the spotlight to the CDs, which can be arranged individually, organized with labels at each level and displayed with the cover in sight. The base, cast concrete, adds durability.

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